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Gurgaon is the financial capital of India and Golf Course Road is one of its branches. The most desirable locations are Office space for rent in Gurgaon and the city's landmark office space across the country. 


Office space on Golf Course Road is an excellent highway that runs from Sikanderpur to Golf Course Extension Road (Sector 54). These areas are becoming more and more interesting and offer great office space in Golf Course Road Gurgaon.


Commercial developments that offer shops and office space for rent or sale include Centrum Plaza, Vatika Atrium, Paras Twin Towers, Vipul Plaza, Global Anteroom, Suncity Business Tower, Emaar MGF Plaza, DLF One Horizon Centre, Baani The Address, etc.

About Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 

Golf Course Road is a 9 km long road in the heart of Gurgaon's millennium city. It is an excellent expressway connecting DLF Phase 1, DLF Phase 2, DLF Phase 5, Sector 42, Sector 43, Sector 53, Sector 54 and Golf Course Extension Road.


This area is the best Office space for rent in Gurgaon with impressive infrastructure development.


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Moreover, it is a prime location with various schools, shopping malls, leisure facilities, office spaces, and IT centres. Here, we offer you a great commercial property in Gurgaon within a 4km radius of the residential points. Having an office and retail space nearby can be a real blessing for your business.


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Buy Commercial Property on Golf Course Road,  Gurgaon

Gurgaon, the iconic heart of Gurgaon, NCR, India and Asia. This road is surrounded by the best areas making it the business hub. The area attracts many national and international developers and listings of commercial projects in Golf Course Road are announced regularly. Moreover, commercial real estate prices in this part of Gurgaon are rising fast, with a massive increase of 20% even after the pandemic.


Commercial property in Gurgaon is the space for your business and opportunity to seize. View and compare handpicked properties in Golf Course Road now! 

Office Space on Golf Course Road

  • AIPL Autograph 
  • Iris Tech Park 
  • Spaze Platinum 
  • JMD IT Megapolis 
  • Vipul Trade Centre 

DLF-One Horizon Centre 

DLF-One Horizon Centre is one of the iconic offerings of the DLF Group. It is a spacious business complex with first-class office space. The complex features destinations such as retail outlets, restaurants, cafes and well-appointed facilities with ample office space.


Emaar MGF Palm Spring Plaza 

Emaar MGF Palm Spring Plaza features premium office and retail spaces of various sizes. Moreover, Emaar MGF Palm Spring Plaza is one of the best destinations in the Millennium City for shopping, dining, relaxation and business. The location is close to luxurious residences, hospitals and schools and is located in Sector 54, Gurgaon's iconic business district. 

Paras Twin Towers 

Paras Twin Towers is one of the best commercial properties on Golf Course Road. It is an elegant building in Sector 54 near  Chowk Rapid metro station. Here you can accommodate offices ranging from 85 to 1,300 square meters.



View Pallas Twin Towers now and book exclusively at Gitin Suri 

Vatika Atrium 

Vatika Atrium is a very high-quality commercial property located on Golf Course Road, in a prime location in Sector 53 near Central Plaza Mall, offering all the business amenities and facilities ideal for the rapid development of cutting-edge businesses.  

Vipul Plaza  

Vipul Plaza is a fantastic commercial complex on Golf Course Road. It is a popular spot spread across 3 hectares. The complex has an area of ​​210,000 sq ft and is spread across 6 floors over 2 levels with no parking on the ground floor. With us, you can book different types of office space with top-notch management in Vipul Plaza at unbeatable prices.


Popular Builders on Golf Course Road:

  • Spaze Group 
  • SH JMD Builders Pvt Ltd 
  • Trehan Iris 
  • Vipul Limited 
  • APPLY 

Emaar India 

Emaar India is the largest office space on Golf Course Road, India. It is engaged in constructing, developing and promoting residential and commercial projects. Moreover, Emaar India has already introduced a wide variety of stunning commercial properties in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. One of his prominent projects in this field is Emaar MGF Palm Spring Plaza. 

Vatika Group 

Vatika Group was established in 1986 as an office space on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon to improve the real estate market in India. The company is a faith-based company and has successfully brokered several thriving residential and commercial projects in Golf Course Road and other parts of Gurgaon.


Vatika Group has a huge client base and has become a very successful developer in the market.

The company has been in business for 35 years and is trusted by property buyers and retailers in India. 

DLF Group 

This commercial property in Gurgaon has been a huge success in the real estate industry since its establishment. DLF Limited has been developing, investing and managing world-class buildings for over 75 years. The company was founded in 1946 by Chaudhary Raghuvendra Singh and has played a key role in the development of Delhi and Gurgaon.


The company has developed several residential and commercial properties on Golf Course Road.


Find out about these projects and your place in them with Gitin Suri today.

Paras Buildtech Pvt Ltd 

Their buildings follow standardized structures and indigenous values. The brand is making the dreams of Gen Z shoppers come true by building iconic buildings and offering luxurious amenities at minimal costs.

Vipul Limited 

Vipul Limited is a state-of-the-art office space for rent in Gurgaon with highly sought-after commercial projects in Golf Course Road and other prime locations in NCR. It offers premium experiences and luxury properties that appeal to all types of buyers. Vipul Limited properties offer 5-star managed facilities in the best locations in the local area.


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