Golden Goose Shoes Maria Borromeo

Golden Goose Shoes Maria Borromeo


Here with another trend from the Y2K archives: dresses on top of trousers. We know you're cringing, but really consider this one - it can be super chic when styled right. For weeks now, the singer has kept the paparazzi busy in New York City, donning some memorable looks. On June 23, she stepped out wearing a pink slip dress from Dior's 2002 collection, paired with a matching fluffy hat and Tom Ford gold heeled sandals. Parisiens in Paris - or PiP, as it's now known - started two years ago as an antidote to Fashion Month. Disposability is considered a thing of the past for Clhu founder Golden Goose Shoes Maria Borromeo, who creates genderless collections that are built to last.

As I write in the book, They're not calculating. The little black dress. Comprised of modern sportswear and a reimagined edition of the XC-72 sneaker, Uni-ssentials moves past the limits of traditional sizing with a thoughtfully constructed approach to gender neutral clothing-mainly, unique size blocks based entirely on body shape, offering no preconceived notions of what is meant for who. There were also quite a few contemporary dressers. Should a man walk along a street today in pantaloons as tight and as placket packet decorated as the ones that young Colonel Fletcher wore to Queen Victoria's coronation in 1838 they're an amazing sight he would likely attract boggling attention. Which was more blazers and transitional workwear - cause I didn't know quarantine would last this long.

When I see a Moon Boot, I imagine Neil Armstrong's spacesuit, an UGG boot, and some wellies having a comfy menage a trois - but in actuality, per Moon Boot's site, they are $140 to $300 expertly-crafted snow boots that riff on high technology astronaut wear. I decided to start with an off-white longline blazer, and continue the monochrome feel throughout the rest of the outfit-opting for relaxed pleated linen shorts and a versatile top. Plus-size French women exist, too, but they never seem to make it onto the mood boards. France has always been a diverse country, and as its demographics continue to change, the popular imagination still clings to the white, thin, aristocratic French woman as the sole model of It girl appropriate for lionizing.

See: K-pop girl group Blackpink's nearly sold-out collection for HM. Ground yourself. On the streets, from New York to San Salvador, people donned their best with everything from rainbow-colored wings and tall platform heels to corset tops and sombreros that exemplified how fashion can be a tool to express every facet of ourselves - our sadness and grief, our hopes and dreams, as well as how good some of us are at wearing heels before noon. Clhu, a new apparel brand for folks who don't believe in any set of rules or standards when it comes to dressing, aims to flip the script on how Gen Z can challenge traditional consumer practices with Clhu Redo, a platform where pre-loved Clhu products can be sold to others and traded in for store credit.


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