Are Chemical Earthing Electrodes Better than Earthing Plates?

Are Chemical Earthing Electrodes Better than Earthing Plates?

Are Chemical Earthing Electrodes Better than Earthing Plates?


Electrical Earthing is gathering attention day-by-day owing to its rising importance in Electrical Networks and Systems.


Today, most of Electrical appliances and other Electrical systems come with electronic circuits and microprocessors/microcontrollers. It has made the Electrical Earthing of the Electrical Networks important component of the entire system that no one can afford to overlook.


From proper functioning with optimum performance to protecting appliances/systems from voltage transients, over-voltages, surges, and spikes, we require a stable low-resistance earthing throughout the year.


Nowadays, any earthing is not sufficient, but a low resistance stable earthing to provide a low impedance path to all types of fault and leakage currents instantly throughout the year has become a must.


Conventional Earthing using Copper Plates with Charcoal and Salt has been replaced by Chemical Earthing, nowadays. The Chemical Earthing utilizes Earthing Electrodes and Advance Ground Earthing Chemicals to provide a stable low resistance earthing for its entire service life in all seasons and climates.


Earthing Electrodes are better than the Copper Plates used in the earlier days of conventional earthing. The Earthing Electrodes are easy to install and have a much longer life than the Earthing plates. These Earthing Electrodes, in a few cases are filled with Advance Ground Earthing Chemicals like in Pipe-in-Pipe Earthing Electrodes, wherein the Advance Ground Earthing Material is filled between the pipes to let them provide a stable low ground resistance for the entire service life.


Earthing Electrodes are of several kinds. They are selected as per the ground resistance requirement and the type of soil and climate in which the earthing has to be installed.


Pure Copper Earthing Rods/Electrodes, Copper Bonded Earthing Rods/Electrodes, Pipe-in-Pipe Earthing Electrodes, and GI Earthing Electrodes are a few of the Earthing Electrodes commonly opted by people depending upon their specific applications or requirements.


Earthing Electrodes are price-vise pocket-friendly when compared with Copper Plates. Secondly, there is a very bleak probability of their stolen from the sites. Thirdly, these Earthing Electrodes have a much longer life than their Earthing plate counterparts.


Considering the above benefits, it is wiser to go for Chemical Earthing with Earthing Electrodes than for Earthing Plates.


True Power, India's No.1 Chemical Earthing and lightning Arresters, provides and installs all types of earthing solutions, from residential earthing to highly critical and complex earthing for military installations to substations and from highly sensitive earthing for hospitals to data centres.


Talk to us and consult our Experts to go for the best earthing solutions for all your needs to let your appliances flawlessly complete their entire service life without fail, in addition to providing users protection from Electrical Hazards like Electrical Shocks and Electrical Fires.



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