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IBC totes are large tanks used to store and transport liquids or bulk materials. They have a caged exterior that protects the inner plastic bladder. They are designed for easy handling with built-in handles and forklift pockets.

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IBC totes are an essential tool for storing and transporting a variety of materials. However, once these containers reach the end of their usefulness, proper disposal is crucial.

Empty IBCs

IBCs can be recycled in a variety of ways. First, they must be cleaned to remove any severe residue. They also need to be empty and free of any hazardous materials. Then, they can be collected for IBC Tote Recycling by specialized IBC recyclers or waste management companies. This can be done on site or by a truck.

The totes are then sorted and separated based on their material composition. They are then shredded and washed, which allows them to be recycled into new products. This process reduces waste and helps to protect the environment. IBC totes can be reused, but this depends on what they contain and how they are treated by their first owners. For example, an IBC that previously held corrosive chemicals can no longer be used for storing water. However, these totes are sometimes repurposed for farming purposes such as to collect rainwater or for storing food products and pharmaceuticals. They are also used to store water for emergency purposes by people in dry areas.

Recycled IBCs

IBC totes are a practical and durable shipping and storage solution, and many manufacturers manufacture these containers with reuse in mind. These large containers can often be repurposed for storage and transport after their primary uses, extending the life of these sturdy shipping containers and helping to reduce waste.

Reusing or recycling an IBC tote can also help businesses save money and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. However, it’s important to work with a trusted and reliable service provider like ibctoterecycling to ensure that the totes are thoroughly cleaned and free of severe residue before repurposing or recycling them. Small farms love using IBC totes as portable chicken coops and water troughs, and gardeners use them as large planters for vegetables and flowers. Some DIYers even turn them into glowing mobile bars for parties and events! For larger manufacturers that have an excess of used IBC totes, partnering with a reclamation company is a great way to find value in these durable containers.

Repurposed IBCs

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) play a valuable role in many industries, providing a safe, durable, and economical storage solution. However, what happens when the primary use of these large containers is exhausted? These durable and reusable plastic tanks don’t have to be sent to the landfill, as long as proper care is taken when disposing of them.

Reusing IBCs for new applications is an excellent way to extend their lifespan and promote sustainability. For example, old food-grade IBCs can be converted into rainwater harvesting systems or used as storage containers for non-hazardous materials.

When reusing poly IBC totes, it’s important to consider the material that was stored in them originally and ensure they are clean enough for the intended application. In some cases, it may be necessary to have the IBCs professionally cleaned by a qualified IBC recycler before they can be reused. This process is known as reconditioning or rebottling, and it can be done for a fee by companies that offer IBC recycling services. By visiting the site, an individual can get some knowledge about IBC Tote Pickup faster.

IBC Pickup

While recycling is always a great option for the environment, reusing and repurposing can be even more effective. In the case of IBC totes, this can reduce your impact while also saving you money. Reusing IBC totes can be as simple as reconditioning or rebottling. Both processes have IBCs cleaned, repaired, tested, and inspected. A reconditioned IBC has the original cage and bottle replaced with a brand new one. This ensures the tote can be used for the same applications that it was originally purchased for, while lowering costs.

Other repurposing options include using them as storage units or as gardening containers. For those with a green thumb, these containers can be modified into composting systems or incorporated into greenhouse irrigation systems such as drip, flood, sprayer, or fertigation. For those who want to get creative, an old IBC can also be transformed into a portable chicken coop or a homemade hot tub with some ingenuity and modifications. One can visit the site to get complete insights about IBC Tote Pickup.


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