Explore Genshin Impact 4.4's Chenyu Vale: Puzzles, Beasts & Cuisine

The highly anticipated 4.4 update of Genshin Impact introduces Chenyu Vale, a new region with captivating elements, including exploration, puzzles, enemies, and more. Players can explore three distinct sub-areas and utilize new exploration mechanics like Flighty Simulacra and Golden Carp&


"Chenyu Vale: New Adventures Await"

Chenyu Vale, a highly anticipated addition to the Genshin Impact world, is set to be unveiled in the upcoming 4.4 update. This new region promises an array of captivating elements, including exploration mechanics, challenging puzzles, formidable adversaries, and more. The official release date for Chenyu Vale is scheduled to coincide with the launch of the 4.4 update on the 31st of January.

In the immersive realm of Chenyu Vale, players can look forward to encountering three distinct sub-areas: Upper Vale, Southern Mountain, and Mt. Laixin, each boasting its own breathtaking landscapes. With over 25 teleport waypoints strategically scattered throughout the region, travelers will enjoy seamless navigation as they embark on their adventures. Notably, the completion of the Mondstadt Archon Quest will grant access to a waypoint in Upper Vale, serving as a convenient starting point for intrepid explorers.


In version 4.4, Chenyu Vale introduces three exciting new exploration mechanics, designed to elevate the adventure of traversing the terrain.

  1. The Flighty Simulacra resembles the spoutrocks in the chasm, empowering characters with enhanced jumping abilities upon activation.

  2. With the Golden Carp's Leap, players have the unique ability to morph into a golden carp, enabling seamless navigation through the intricate forest and mountain landscapes.

  3. The Wrathful Simulacra propels travelers by launching adeptal energy-filled water droplets in various directions, providing an exhilarating means of traversal.


Chenyu Vale in Genshin Impact 4.4 presents adventurers with captivating challenges, including the illumination of lotus lamps using adeptal energy near flowing rivers, and the lighting of censers with adeptal energy at the scattered jade incense cauldron in the mountains. These puzzles not only enhance the exploration experience but also offer valuable rewards upon completion.

The 4.4 update also introduces a variety of vibrant wildlife in Chenyu Vale, such as the redbull pelican, fluff-fleece goat, and jadestone turtle. Players have the opportunity to interact with the jadestone turtle by cleaning its shell, which yields a local specialty essential for Xianyun's ascension. Moreover, the region is home to a new local specialty known as Chenyu Adeptea, which thrives in warm and moist areas, particularly within the Qiaoying village.

Both the puzzle mechanics and the introduction of new wildlife and local specialties contribute to the depth and richness of the exploration experience in Genshin Impact 4.4, offering players a myriad of engaging activities and valuable discoveries to uncover.


Culinary and Gaming Adventures in Chenyu Vale

In the picturesque Chenyu Vale, food enthusiasts can embark on a culinary adventure, discovering a rich variety of local cuisines. From the exquisite Chenyu Brew to the tantalizing tea-smoked squab, the region offers a diverse and delightful culinary experience. The key ingredient for crafting these delectable dishes lies in Chenyu Vale's tea leaves, which are used in creating fine tea, full moon delicacies, and jadevein tea eggs.

Explorers in version 4.4 will face new challenges in the form of formidable adversaries. The solitary Suanni, an overworld boss, now roams the land, offering valuable ascension materials for Xianyun. Furthermore, travelers will encounter the elusive Xuanwen Beast, a new and intriguing type of wildlife creature that inhabits the majestic mountains of Chenyu Vale. These new enemies will test the skills and wit of adventurers as they seek to conquer the untamed lands of Chenyu Vale.


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