Ultimate Guide to Honkai Star Rail Resonance Formations

The Honkai Star Rail game mode offers players the chance to utilize Resonance Formations in the simulated universe. These formations grant unique enhancements based on the chosen path at the start of a run, and they can be acquired as players progress by accumulating blessings. By collecti


Honkai Star Rail: Resonance Features

In the simulated universe game mode of Honkai Star Rail, players can access special buffs known as resonance formations. These formations provide unique enhancements based on the chosen path at the beginning of a run. As players progress through the game, they can acquire these formations by accumulating a specific number of blessings related to their chosen path.

To unlock a path resonance, players need to collect three blessings from their selected path. Once this is achieved, they can then acquire resonance formations by accumulating a total of 6, 10, or 14 blessings, each unlocking a different level of formation enhancement.

These resonance formations play a crucial role in empowering players with special effects and abilities, ultimately aiding them in their journey through the simulated universe.In the Honkai Star Rail's simulated universe, players can access the Swarm Disaster Expansion. This expansion introduces the Resonance Interplay, offering additional unique effects to a Path Resonance. It's important to note that this feature is exclusively available in the expansion game mode and not in the base version.


When using the path resonance ability in the Honkai Star Rail simulated universe, players can spend 100 points of energy to resonate with the path of preservation. This allows them to deal physical damage to all enemies based on the total shield between all allies.

Resonance Formations:

  • Zero-dimensional: This formation enhances the attacks of path resonance: the preservation, causing them to become critical hits. Additionally, for every shielded character on the team, the critical damage increases by 15%.

  • Eutectic Reaction: When the path resonance is activated, all allies gain a shield that can absorb damage equal to 1% of their respective maximum HP for 2 turns. Simultaneously, the eutectic reaction applies amber to all allies.When engaging in battle, the Path Resonance ability regenerates 40% energy. Additionally, when an ally gains a shield, it further regenerates 3% energy.

Path of Preservation Effects:

  • Quake: Increases damage dealt by specific Preservation blessings.
  • Amber: When a shielded character receives damage that exceeds the maximum absorption capacity of the shield, the excess damage is nullified. This effect is removed after one activation.


Path Resonance: By spending 100 energy points, this ability resonates with the Path of Remembrance, dealing ice damage to all enemies with a 120% base chance to freeze them for 1 turn.

Resonance Formation:

  • Total Recall: When Path Resonance is used, there is a 150% base chance to decrease enemies' resistance to being frozen by 100% for 1 turn.
  • Rich Experience: When using Path Resonance, there is a 150% base chance to apply Eonian River to all enemies for 1 turn.Upon entering battle, the Path Resonance formation regenerates 40% energy, and when an enemy receives damage over time, it additionally regenerates 5% energy.

Path of Remembrance effects:

  • Dissociation: This debuff freezes the enemy, preventing them from acting for a specific number of turns. After the freeze is removed, it deals additional ice damage equal to 30% of the enemy's maximum HP.

  • Eonian River: When debuffed, the duration of this effect doubles.



  • By spending 100 energy points, the ability 'Path Resonance' allows the user to resonate with the path of nihility, with an 80% base chance to apply burn, shock, bleed, and 2 stacks of wind shear on all enemies for 2 turns.

  • The 'Doubtful Fourfold Root' formation enhances the base chance of applying statuses by 100%, increases the duration of statuses by 1 turn, and adds 1 stack to all stackable statuses when using Path Resonance.

  • The 'Suffering and Sunshine' formation ensures that the attacks of Path Resonance: The Nihility have a 100% base chance to inflict 2 stacks of confusion and 2 stacks of devoid on all enemies for 2 turns.

  • The 'Outsider' formation grants the ability for Path Resonance to regenerate 40% energy when entering battle. Additionally, when an enemy receives damage over time, Path Resonance regenerates an additional 2% energy.- Nihility effects have various debuffs and effects on the characters in the game.

  • Suspicion is a debuff caused by certain nihility blessings. It increases damage over time taken by 1% and can stack up to 99 times. However, 2 stacks are lost at the end of the turn.
  • Confusion triggers when enemies are weakness broken. Each stack causes all damage over time effects on the enemy to immediately deal damage equal to 30% of their original damage over time. It can stack up to 5 times.
  • Devoid reduces toughness regeneration by 10% for each stack, and it can stack up to 5 times.
  • Path Resonance allows the use of 100 points of energy to resonate with the path of abundance, restoring HP for all allies by 50% of their respective max HP and increasing their respective max HP by 15% for 2 turns.
  • The Resonance Formation table consists of different resonances and their descriptions, providing valuable information for players.

Abundance Path Resonance Mechanics

  • When an ally receives lethal damage, the Path of Abundance resonance prevents them from being knocked down and automatically consumes all energy to release Path Resonance. This effect can trigger up to 1 time per battle.

  • Anicca has the ability to remove all characters' debuffs and apply 1 stack of Subduing Evils for 1 turn after releasing a Path Resonance.

  • Anatta's Path Resonance for the abundance will appear on the action order after the energy is consumed for the first time in battle. The outgoing healing provided by this resonance decreases by 30%. When this resonance takes action, it will automatically release Path Resonance to heal allies.

Path of Abundance effects:- Subduing Evils can consume 1 stack of this state to resist a debuff once, and then restore HP equal to 10% of the character's max HP. This state can stack up to 5 times.The dewdrop effect is a result of specific blessings of abundance that can be charged up. However, it cannot exceed 500% of the character's maximum HP. Once the character attacks, the dewdrop ruptures and inflicts additional damage on the enemy based on the charge value.

The hunt for the dewdrop effect is a crucial aspect in battles, as it can significantly enhance the character's offensive capabilities. Players need to strategically manage and utilize the dewdrop charge to maximize its impact during combat.

Understanding the mechanics and potential of the dewdrop effect is essential for players to master the art of combat and achieve victory in the simulated universe.


Path Resonance

  • By spending 100 points of energy, the user can resonate with the path of the hunt, inflicting wind damage to all enemies based on the current attack of the character with the highest attack.

Resonance Formations

  • Star Hunter: When using Path Resonance, the ally with the highest attack will be granted an instant turn and bestowed with the Light-Hunting Celestial Arrow, which lasts until the ally uses any ability.

  • Bow and Arrow: During Path Resonance, The Hunt ability deals damage to enemies whose HP is lower than 50%, guaranteeing critical hits at 50% crit damage. When the enemy is defeated, it regenerates 50% energy.- Perfect Aim increases the energy limit of Path Resonance from 100 to 200 points. Additionally, it regenerates 3% energy for Path Resonance when an ally's turn starts.

  • Path of the Hunt Effects:

  • Light-Hunting Celestial Arrow: Increases critical damage by an amount equal to 50% of the critical rate. Gains an extra turn after defeating the enemy, but this effect cannot trigger repeatedly.
  • Critical Boost: Buff brought by certain Hunt blessings. For each stack, it increases critical rate by 6% and critical damage by 12%, stacking up to 8 times. This buff can be transferred to allies when the next turn starts, and the stacks reset when any ally is attacked.

  • Path Resonance: By spending 100 points of energy, this ability resonates with the Path of Destruction, dealing fire damage to all enemies based on the current HP difference between the maximum HP and current HP for all allies combined.

  • Resonance Formation:

  • Perfect Aim: Increases the energy limit and provides energy regeneration for Path Resonance.
  • Light-Hunting Celestial Arrow: Enhances critical damage and provides an extra turn after defeating an enemy.
  • Critical Boost: Increases critical rate and critical damage, with the ability to transfer the buff to allies.

Resonance Formation and Effects

  • Cataclysmic Variable: When using Path Resonance, it will consume up to 40% of all allies' max HP, boosting the damage of Path Resonance: Destruction by 20%. The consumed HP will be converted into a shield that lasts for 2 turns, with the same value as the lost HP.

  • Extreme Helium Flash: Attacks of Path Resonance: Destruction have a 150% base chance to inflict Entropic Retribution on the enemy target for 2 turns.

  • Event Horizon: When an ally with current HP below 35% gets attacked, it automatically releases 1 Path Resonance without consuming energy. This effect can be triggered up to a maximum of 2 times in a single battle and cannot be triggered multiple times by the same attack.

Path of Destruction Effects:- Entropic Retribution: Defense decreases by 20%. At the beginning of each turn, the unit receives additional fire damage equal to 125% of the HP difference between all allied characters' max HP and their current HP.

  • Fighting Spirit: This is a buff brought by certain Destruction Blessings. For each stack, it increases attack by 3% and defense by 3%, stacking up to 35 times.

  • Elation

Path ResonanceWhen activating the resonance formation ability, 100 energy points are spent to resonate with the path of elation, resulting in 3-5 follow-up attacks of a random type being dealt to all enemies.

The resonance formations available are:- Doomsday Carnival: When the path resonance ability, Elation, deals damage, there is a 150% base chance to apply Sensory Pursuit to enemies for 1 turn.- Dance of Growth: Increases the energy limit of path resonance from 100 to 200 points. Using abilities to resonate with a path will consume all energy. For every 20% energy consumed that exceeds the original limit, attacks will deal damage for 1 extra time.- Instant Win: When entering battle, path resonance regenerates 40% energy. When a character launches a follow-up attack, path resonance additionally regenerates 5% energy.

Effects of the Path of Elation:- Sensory Pursuit: Each stack increases the received follow-up attack damage by 8%.- Aftertaste: This ability triggers a follow-up attack with random damage types, which are determined by specific blessings of elation.

  • Path Resonance: By consuming 100 energy, the user can resonate with the path of propagation, enabling a target ally to take immediate action, recover 2 skill points, and become affected by metamorphosis. This effect lasts for 1 turn and only applies to the latest target.

  • Resonance Formation:

  • Proboscis: Extends the duration of metamorphosis by 1 turn. After a character with metamorphosis defeats an enemy, Path Resonance regenerates 20% energy.
  • Phenol Compounds: Increases the energy limit of Path Resonance from 100 to 200 points. Additionally, after a character consumes or recovers skill points, it regenerates an additional 1% energy for Path Resonance.When equipped with the Crystal Pincers, the Metamorphosis effect will boost a character's damage by 40%, and only under this effect can spores burst, causing additional basic attack damage equal to 80% of the character's attack. This effect can trigger up to 3 times on the same target.

Path of Propagation Effects:- Metamorphosis: During an attack, for every skill point consumed or recovered, the attack can ignore 10% of the target enemy's all-type resistance. This effect can stack up to 2 times.- Spores: When the spore count is equal to or greater than 3, it will burst upon being attacked by a character, causing additional wind damage (unaffected by bonuses) to the target with the spores. After the explosion, it will spread to a random adjacent target and cannot spread again. Each enemy target can hold a maximum of 6 spores.



Path Resonance Mechanics

Path Resonance - Honkai Star Rail

  • Spend 100 energy to resonate with the Path of Erudition. This links the enemy with the highest max HP to other enemies, inflicting Synapse Resonance on all enemies and dealing imaginary damage to them.

Resonance Formations for Simulated Universe

  • Melt Core: When an enemy target with Synapse Resonance is attacked by an ultimate, the enemy with the highest max HP takes increased damage equal to 50% of the attacking character's attack.

  • Chain Contagion: When characters defeat an enemy with Synapse Resonance, the effect is additionally triggered for 2 times.

  • Memetic Inversion: When an enemy target appears, it regenerates Path Resonance energy equal to 5.0% of the combined max energy of all characters.

Path of Erudition Effects

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