"Football Manager 2024" - Agency and Player Sales System

In every "Football Manager" career, building a lineup, transfer and financial system is an essential part. This process requires a lot of player transactions, whether it's signing world-class football prospects or trying to sell players who have no longer been able to per

In every "Football Manager" career, building a lineup, transfer and financial system is an essential part. This process requires a lot of player transactions, whether it's signing world-class football prospects or trying to sell players who have no longer been able to perform at the team's level.


In recent years, we have received feedback from players that sometimes selling players can lead to a bad gaming experience. In real life, most clubs and players will experience this kind of choked-up situation in every transfer window. In light of this feedback, our team thought about what new systems and features we could introduce in Football Manager 2024 to make this a less painful experience for both players and AI managers.


As with other systems and features in Football Manager, we work with professionals across the football industry to better understand how professional clubs approach selling players and apply our insights into the game.


Use an agent to gain a more in-depth view of the transfer market


To give managers a clearer idea of the financial return they could receive from selling a player, we've added an option to 'Ask agent for transfer market interest' in each player's 'Transfer' drop-down menu.



Selecting this option allows you to quickly communicate with the player's agent. You have three reply options, each with a different tone. Selecting "Eager" indicates that you are very keen to sell the player, while selecting "Interested" indicates that you are interested in selling, but will only consider it if the price is right. Choosing "curious" means you're just testing the options at hand.


Selecting any of these options will trigger your intention to sell that player. If they are willing to move, the agent will tell you the player's current market value and which clubs are most interested in the player.


However, if your intention to sell a player surprises the player and they don't want to leave, agents will refuse to be involved in selling their client and you may need to move past them to move forward with the deal. But be careful, as with everything else in Football Manager, every move you make has consequences.



After the initial response, you may choose to have your agent begin moving forward with the transfer. If you're not satisfied with the potential price or clubs of interest, there are other options available. There is a situation where the player is willing to leave but there is no buyer, and the agent will explain the reason.


After speaking with an agent, the price tag on the player's page will be updated to the market value mentioned in the previous conversation. The updated market value will be displayed in a different color until the value validity period is exceeded. The length of time the value is valid depends on factors such as the stage of the current season, whether it is within the transfer window, whether it happens to be on the transfer window deadline, and other factors.


It's important to note that while the new features make transfer transactions clearer and let you know the value a transfer will bring, there is no guarantee that every transaction will be completed.

We've also upgraded the 'Ask Agent about Trade Possibilities' quick chat option in Football Manager 2022 to help you bring in players. Players' demands now include a minimum amount for a release clause and a desired contract length. You may also be able to dispute some of the terms, negotiate with your agent to come to a more favorable termination clause, or offer to wait until formal negotiations to discuss the details of the contract.


Continuously refine your lineup with the new intermediary system


If you want to sell a player but the agent is uncooperative or the offer doesn't meet your expectations, you can now hire an agent to help get the deal done. 


An intermediary is an agent recruited by your Director of Football (or relevant member of staff) who helps you facilitate player transfers. They will contact the new club, generate interest in the player you wish to trade for, and take a proportional commission from the final transfer fee.


Transaction intentions generated by intermediary operations are affected by the following two factors: the intermediary's business coverage and business capabilities. Coverage determines the area in which they will operate players. For example, an agency covering continental Europe will introduce your players to suitable clubs in the region. Their business capabilities will determine the number of expressions of interest and the size of the offer.

The maximum commission limit is 10% of the transfer fee, which is the same as the actual commission ratio limit for professional club transfers. This cost will be displayed continuously via inbox messages throughout the transfer process, from the time an offer is initially received to the completion of the deal.


Evaluating which agent to hire is critical. The commission charged by an intermediary depends on their business coverage and business capabilities. Some intermediaries with more developed connections but weaker business capabilities may charge higher fees than intermediaries with stronger business capabilities but relatively poor connections. Additionally, the time it takes for an agent to collect quotes is also a factor to consider. Agents with stronger business capabilities will collect quotes faster, but they will also be more expensive to hire. During the busiest transfer periods of the season, such as the transfer window deadline, the time left to collect offers will be significantly shortened, which means that some agents with weaker business capabilities may not be able to complete their work on time.


To use the intermediary feature, click the "Hire an agent to sell player" button in the transfer drop-down menu on the player page.

If the player doesn't want to leave, the agent refuses to intervene in the transfer, and you go directly to the agent for help, this may upset the player and affect the atmosphere in the dressing room. However, doing so may also give you more options, and the agent may have more developed connections that may provide you with options that even the player's agent may not have thought of.


If you choose to hire an agent and end up finding a buyer interested in your player, you will receive a quick chat pop-up showing which agents are offering their services, the estimated price quoted, and the amount of the commission. At this stage, the agent will give you enough information to make an informed decision, but without giving you too many details.


After reading the quotes provided by each agency, you can choose the option that suits you best and request a specific quote from them. After a period of time, your chosen agent will respond with a firm offer, which you are free to accept, negotiate, or reject.

If there are no bids from clubs that may be interested in the player, the agent will explain to you why. The agent will also tell you if they can't find any interested buyers. In this case, you can try the transfer again after a while and receive a prompt.


If you don't receive any offers but are still eager to sell a player, you can choose to issue an ultimatum to all agents rather than choosing just one to work for you. Ultimatum is on a first come, first served basis, all agents will try to find a buyer for your player and the first bid is the only one. However, this means you won’t be able to choose a specific intermediary and won’t know the commission rates in advance. If no bids are received after one month, the ultimatum will terminate.


If you cancel or reject a transfer introduced by an agent, neither the agent nor the club involved are likely to make another offer for the player, so please consider your choice carefully.


Agents will also work for other clubs, meaning that if other clubs want to sell a player, they will contact you directly. In this case, you will receive a scouting report with agent feedback and an overview of the financial details needed to seal the deal.


Recommend players via TransferRoom


As we first revealed in our latest development diary, Football Manager 2024 will be the first game to feature content developed in partnership with new partner TransferRoom.


In FM24, this digital service replaces the "Recommend to Club" option in previous games and allows you to easily connect with other clubs to recommend players you want to sell. This is not an immediate response option as the club is not online checking the system at all times, but your staff will put together offers for you and keep buyers informed of interest. How often a club uses this system depends on where they are in the season and transfer window, so a response may sometimes be received sooner.


It should be noted that using the intermediary ultimatum function mentioned above does not conflict with using TransferRoom to recommend players. You can use both features at the same time to complete transfer deals.


This is just the beginning of the cooperation between TransferRoom and "Football Manager". We will launch more features in the future, so stay tuned.

Make transfers more efficient with updated tools


In "Football Manager 2024", we have upgraded the existing agent system and added a new intermediary function, which has resulted in certain changes in the transfer status interface.


Clubs showing interest in your player will now be categorized as "Active" or "Rumors" instead of "Primary Interest" or "Secondary Interest" as before, and you'll also be able to see those clubs being Reason for classification. For example, when your player is no longer a priority for a certain position at his intended club, it will be classified as "rumored".

Broker feedback is still placed in the upper right corner of the interface. If you haven't discussed a transfer with the player's agent yet, there will be a "Discuss Market Interest" button. Other options include "Hire an agent" or "Introduce players via TransferRoom". If you've already used both features and a deal can't be struck because the player doesn't want to leave, the button will change to "Persuade to Leave."


At the bottom right of the interface you'll see tabs for players' transfer and loan status, making it easier to provide instructions to the Director of Football. If you click on the Director of Football's command, you will be taken to the 'Off List' or 'Prospects List' depending on whether you are viewing the Transfers or Loans page.


The options in the upper right panel change depending on the type of player you are viewing. Depending on whether you're looking at loaned players, players on loan, or opponents' players, there are options for transfers in and transfers out.


You will also notice that the transfer status page for Major League Soccer (MLS) players will be different. The transfer status page for these players provides additional context, such as the club that signed the player, which club owns them, and which club originally introduced them to the major leagues.


Create your own lineup


The new intermediary system and updated agent system in "Football Manager 2024" will make managers no longer worry when selling players. Even if you have to deal with the problem of "big cleaning" of the lineup, the more realistic and efficient transfer function in the new game will allow you to face it calmly.


I believe that all managers can get a more realistic football experience in our most complete game to date. If you want to know what new features and improvements there are in Football Manager 2024, you may want to check out the new feature product roadmap we released.


*The translation of the above in-game words is not the final version, please refer to the version in the game.



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