I gave this offer a serious thought and finally decided to say yes as the client promised the safety and security of all

The manager himself told me that I could call men to rescue the girls if I felt there was any risk to their safety. He told me to choose girls that offered some special services like blow job, position, 69, and anal sex as all these things were very common in sex parties.

The manager told me that the client specifically asked for young girls but he chose me because of my beauty and wonderful figure. He said that he was willing to give me 1 lakh Rupees and Rs. 50000 each to the rest of the girls to attend this group sex party. I was made in charge of the group of girls and I had to talk and negotiate with the men. I had to also ensure the personal safety of all the girls. This was the reason my manager made me in charge and also promised to give me double the money. 

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I must confess that it was a very tempting offer. I usually charged 5000 Rupees for dealing with a single client. Here I was getting twenty times my price for being a part of a sex orgy. The manager also gave me the responsibility of picking up the rest of the 4 girls from the agency to go with me to the sex party.

Aayat Khan

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