Which is the Best Graphic Designing Institution in Kolkata?

Graphic design has become a lucrative career, but which is the best graphic designing institution in Kolkata is the primary question. Here is the answer.

When you're considering pursuing a career path in graphic design, selecting the right college is vital. The capital city of culture in India houses many well-known graphic design institutes in Kolkata. But one school that sticks out above all the rest is MAAC Girish Park. Through its outstanding educational programs, industry-relevant curriculum, and modern technology, MAAC Animation Park has earned its reputation as the most reputable graphic design school in Kolkata.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

MAAC Animation Girish Park offers an extensive curriculum designed to equip students with the necessary skills and expertise required to be successful within the realm of graphic design. The curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and techniques in the field. They are introduced to a broad array of topics, such as the principles of graphic design, typography and branding, digital imaging, in addition to multimedia.

Furthermore, MAAC Animation Girish Park collaborates with industry-leading professionals to ensure that students gain practical knowledge as well as exposure to actual projects. The hands-on learning approach provides students with the ability to meet the requirements in the field of graphic design.

Experienced Faculty

Its faculty members of MAAC Animation Girish Park, is one of the primary aspects that distinguish it from other graphic design institutions in Kolkata. MAAC Animation Girish Park is home to a group of highly experienced professors who have become experts in their particular disciplines. Faculty members bring years of industry expertise and experience to the classroom, giving students invaluable guidelines and mentorship.

Additionally, the faculty in MAAC Animation Girish Park are enthusiastic about their work and committed to the achievement of their pupils. They do everything they can to ensure that every student is given individualized attention and assistance throughout their journey to learning.

Latest Infrastructure

MAAC Animation Girish Park is equipped with modern infrastructure that includes fully-equipped computer labs, cutting-edge software, and industry-standard tools for design. The school recognizes how important it is to give students essential resources that will enhance their education. In addition, MAAC Animation Girish Park regularly holds seminars, workshops, and visits to industry that provide students with the newest technological advancements in graphic design. These events do not just enhance students' skills in the classroom but also offer them networking opportunities with professionals from the industry.

Placement Opportunities

One of the primary benefits of selecting MAAC Animation Park to be your preferred graphic design institution is the excellent performance in placement. MAAC Animation Girish Park has strong connections with the top design companies as well as advertising agencies, and animation studios in Kolkata as well as across India.

MAAC Animation Girish Park provides complete assistance with placement for its students. This includes facilitating mock interviews, resume-building classes as well as industry-related interactions. Well-known businesses have offered a number of alumni from MAAC Animation Girish Park lucrative jobs and are testimony to the institution's dedication to providing high-quality education as well as exposure to the industry.


When it comes to choosing an occupation in graphic design, deciding on the right college will have a significant impact on your career. MAAC Animation Girish Park, with its industry-relevant curriculum, knowledgeable faculty, cutting-edge infrastructure, and top career opportunities, definitely emerges as the most reputable graphic design institute in Kolkata. If you're passionate about graphic design and would like to begin your career in the right direction, MAAC Animation Girish Park is the right place for you.

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