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A harvester is a type of machinery used for collecting crops like sugar cane, vegetables, fruit, and wheat.

What is Harvester? 


harvester is a type of machinery used for collecting crops like sugar cane, vegetables, fruit, and wheat. The machine separates the harvested material from the plants, stems, and leaves, and collects the material into a storage unit. Harvesters can be either self-propelled or pulled behind a tractor and vary in size and capacity depending on the type of crop and the scale of the operation. In the old period, the harvesting of small grains has also been highly mechanized. Agricultural production is increased by continuously thrashing, harvesting, and washing crops with the help of the harvester, a multipurpose piece of equipment.  

With less time spent, this agricultural machinery helps to boost profits. Combination harvesters additionally collect crops by circling the entire farm. 


Benefits or Importance of Harvesters 


Harvesters play a critical role in agriculture by facilitating the efficient and effective harvesting of crops. Some of the benefits and importance of harvesters include: 

  1. Productivity gains: Harvesters help shorten the time and labour needed to manually harvest crops by accelerating the harvesting process. 
  1. improved quality of crops: Harvesters minimise crop damage during the process of harvesting, maintaining the crops' quality and raising their market value. 
  1. lower expenses: Harvesters may help to drive down the price of crop production by reducing the quantity of manual labour necessary. 
  1. Improved safety: Harvesters reduce the need for physical labour under dangerous conditions, lowering the chance of accidents or injuries. 


Overall, harvesters have a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of crop production, making them an essential tool in modern agriculture. 


There are many companies that produce and market harvesters for use in agriculture. Some respected brands include: 

  1. John Deere: John Deere, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, offers a broad selection of harvesters for various crops and uses. 
  1. New Holland: New Holland provides a variety of harvesters for maize, soybeans, wheat, and other crops. New Holland is known for producing high-quality agricultural equipment. 
  1. Kubota: This company is known for its cutting-edge harvesters that are effective in harvesting a variety of crops, such as sugarcane, maize, and other types of crops. 
  1. Massey Ferguson: The most widely used brand of harvesters is Massey Ferguson. It performs very well in crop harvesting with a lot of moisture. Massey Ferguson harvesters are significantly more productive for all types of crops and require less maintenance. 
  1. Sonalika Harvesters: Sonalika combine harvester have a price of Rs. 18.95 Lac and a performance range of 50-70 HP. The new features of the Sonalika Harvesters make it simple for farmers to employ for a wide range of agricultural harvesting applications.  


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