Automotive electric vehicle power-train Market : A Comprehensive Business Report and Landscape Analysis for 2030

Automotive electric vehicle power-train Market : A Comprehensive Business Report and Landscape Analysis for 2030

Market overview

The automotive industry has mainly compromised the same internal combustion power train in the past few years. The industry is now, however, a large power-train mix as it has been shifting towards environmental-friendly transportation more efficiently. The automotive electric vehicle power-train market is divided, including hybrid power-trains and pure electric. The concept of power-train landscape is becoming more complex with the emergence of electric power-trains. Electric Vehicle power-train Market is predicted to be worth USD 956.44 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 34.70% during the estimated period (2023 - 2030). The market was valued at a rate of USD 956.44 billion in 2022. In the current scenario, electric vehicles are considered the future of the automotive market as the traditional vehicles are going to fade out in upcoming years.

These vehicles are gaining grip in the market as they offer highly improved environmental advantages. They give a lower cost of ownership than their internal combustion engine vehicles. There are several countries that have come up with strict policies to protect the environment and encourage the application of alternative fuel vehicles, which includes EVs. The innovations in battery technologies have made EVs more competitive than conventional ICE vehicles by offering an increase in range in a single charge. In the electric power-train system, batteries play an integral part. They carry an important part in the total cost of electric cars and how their cost is reduced crucially due to the advancement of technology, optimization of production procedures and the economies of scale. The price is expected to decrease over the estimated period. EVs are expected to pave the way for mass-market penetration to reach a Total Cost Ownership parity.

Market segmentation

By Outlook

  • BEV

By Component

  • Motor/Generator
  • Battery
  • Power Electronics Controller
  • Converter
  • Transmission
  • On-Board Charger

Regional analysis

The Electric Vehicle power-train market is segmented into different regions across the world. The main key players in the Electric Vehicle power-train Market have an important presence in certain regional markets of the world. The Asia Pacific region drove the market. The European and North American regions followed the electric vehicle power-train market share. The Asia Pacific region will also lead the market share in the upcoming years. The North American region will also grow in the predicted period.

Industrial news

The key players are getting involved in MA activities to join their place in the rapid growth. In December 2019, Weichai Power Co. acquired Aradex AG. In the same year, Nordesa Inc was acquired by Dana Inc.

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