Spartan Equipment 42” Wide Brush Cutter Attachment Maintenance and Safety

Spartan Equipment’s 42” wide brush cutter attachments are powerful, versatile tools for clearing weeds, brush, and coarse woody debris up to 3” thick.

Spartan Equipment’s 42” wide brush cutter attachments are powerful, versatile tools for clearing weeds, brush, and coarse woody debris up to 3” thick.

Compatible with a wide range of the industry’s most popular mini excavators (specify before purchasing) their brush cutter attachments are ideal for clearing rights of way, mowing pool and pond banks, and reaching around obstacles like fences. They provide a clean, level cut.

These attachments will Never Surrender, but if you want to keep them in top-cutting shape, knowing how and when to administer routine maintenance is essential.

Before Every Use

Every time you prepare to use your 42” wide brush cutter attachment, inspect all fittings and fasteners, including nuts, bolts, pins, and keepers, are in place, properly installed, and tightened.

Tighten or replace any that need it.

Inspect all safety decals and clear them off if they are covered or obstructed by mud or other debris. Replace any missing decals.

Check oil levels, and fill if necessary. If you suspect any leaks, inspect for them and repair as necessary.

Every Week

Inspect the condition of the blades every week that the attachment sees use.

Sharp cutter blades cut more efficiently. If the blades show signs of wear or dullness, remove and sharpen the blades.

After Every Season

Inspect the entire attachment for loose, worn, damaged, or missing parts. Replace any damaged or missing parts before using again.

At the end of the season, inspect the cutting blades. Remove and sharpen if necessary.

Inspected painted surfaces for signs of wear, scratching, gouging, or other impairments. Wherever the paint has been compromised the attachment is subject to corrosion. 

Sand and repaint any areas that need it with an appropriate equipment-grade, rust-inhibiting paint. You can get these at most hardware stores.

If possible, store your equipment under cover, such as in a shed, to protect it from the elements.

If you must store your equipment or attachment outside, cover it with a waterproof tarp to protect it against sunlight and moisture.

In any instance, store it only in an area that is not frequented by children.

Safety Considerations

Maintenance is only part of responsible ownership and use of your 42” wide brush cutter attachment. Safe operation is critical too.

  • Never lift the attachment clear of the ground unless the area is clear of bystanders.

  • Always use caution when inspecting cutter blades as they can be very sharp. Wear durable work gloves when inspecting components.

  • Never operate the attachment without using the proper PPE for the job, including but not limited to gloves, eye protection, and adequate footwear.

  • Always keep proper clearance between the attachment and large obstructions like rocks, tree stumps, and structures. Contact with these obstructions can cause loss of control, permanent damage, and/or serious injury.

  • Operate the attachment only in well-lit areas, either during the day or under adequate artificial light.

For More Information About Spartan Equipment 42” Wide Brush Cutter Attachments, Contact the Manufacturer

This is not a complete list of maintenance procedures and safety protocols. For more information on these or to learn more about these mini excavator attachments, visit Spartan Equipment via the previous link.

Spartan Equipment attachments like this 42” wide brush cutter attachment are made in the United States using only American steel, never cheap Chinese imports.

They are compatible with most major brands and models of skid steers and excavators, are covered by generous warranties, and supported by Spartan’s top-tier customer service.

Perfect for everything from disaster recovery to land clearing, they are the toughest attachments in the industry and will Never Surrender.

For More Information about skid steer brush cutter and excavator brush cutter Please Visit: Spartan Equipment

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