The latest Diablo 4 cinematic trailer from Blizzard

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Tyrael is able to retain his mortal form D2R Items. However, he reconnects with his angelic friends and becomes both an Aspect of Justice and Wisdom. Diablo 3 ends with him considering whether his new mortal companion, who could be corrupted, will eventually become the next challenge of Heaven, Hell, and Sanctuary and even life itself. In the end, The Aspect of Justice and Wisdom probably won't stand by as Inarius makes his way through Hell in search of his first love, Lilith.

The latest Diablo 4 cinematic trailer from Blizzard features Inarius fighting Lilith and armies on both their backs. While the film doesn't mention Tyrael's involvement directly, his invention of Horadrim and involvement with the Paladins from Sanctuary means he is surely in the game. Dark and light clash on the battlefield, and the now-mortal Tyrael can be found somewhere in the middle.

It is likely that his presence will be detected through these intermediaries, unless circumstances require his intervention. Tyrael continues to feel the consequences of the destruction of the Worldstone at the end in Diablo 2. The mysterious artifact defended Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell and now acts as a protector for the land in its stead. Tyrael is unlikely to lead any further expeditions to Hell or go much farther than what is known as the Pandemonium Fortress, where he could offer advice as Deckard Cain for those who stay and listen.

Five different Diablo classes that can be played have been announced so far each of which variants of earlier games. In the sense that each installment has provided something different and exciting, maybe Tyrael could become a player in the war, balancing the sides by giving players the chance to summon angelic or demon powers , in exchange for responsibilities to Sanctuary. This kind of strategy is likely to be similar to the multi-tree enhancement cheap diablo 2 resurrected items that was already in the game.

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