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Sonalika DI 740 III is a tractor model manufactured by Sonalika Tractors. It is a 2-wheel-drive tractor with a 45-horsepower engine that runs on diesel.

About Sonalika 740 DI 

Sonalika DI 740 III is a tractor model manufactured by Sonalika Tractors. It is a 2-wheel-drive tractor with a 45-horsepower engine that runs on diesel. The engine has a displacement of 2780 cc and is equipped with a water-cooled cooling system.

The tractor has a dry-type air cleaner and a dual-clutch system with eight forward and two reverse gears. It also features power steering and oil-immersed disc brakes for better control and safety.

Sonalika 740 III has a lifting capacity of 1700 kg and comes with a 3-point linkage system that enables easy attachment and detachment of implements. The tractor has a wheelbase of 2100 mm and ground clearance of 400 mm, making it suitable for a variety of farming operations.

This tractor is a representative of the popular Sonalika tractor series. Since the tractor model is very advanced and has so many excellent features, farming businesses should use it. The Sonalika DI 740 tractor is the best choice if you want an excellent tractor at a reasonable price.

Get all the information about the tractor, like the Sonalika 740 HP price, engine specifications, and much more. You can easily see the price and features of the Sonalika DI 740 III tractor right here.

Features of the Sonalika DI 740 III S3 Tractor

The Sonalika 740 DI tractor has many additional features that will benefit your farming business.There is 425 mm of ground clearance on the tractor. The tractor model's adjustable seats help the driver feel more burned after a long day of driving. The tractor's strong body can handle difficult and demanding farming operations. Farm implements are essential tools for an efficient farming business.

Farmers always search for tractors that are suitable with their farm machinery. Sonalika 740, a tractor, may be an excellent option for you in this situation.

The DI 740 III Sonalika tractor is perfect for agriculture because of all of these great features. Also, this tractor's design and layout are too attractive, capturing almost everyone's interest.

Sonalika DI 740 tractor price

Sonalika DI 740 tractor price between Rs. 7.05 and 8.05 lakh in India . It is reasonable and suitable for farmers. So that's it for the price of the Sonalika DI 740 III S3 tractor. Contact us right away to know more about this tractor and to compare it to other tractors so that you can choose the best option.

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