The 6 Most Important Secrets of Great Design

Do you know these web design secrets that improve customer's experiences. Website designs that improve customer’s experiences do impact the bottom line positively. Web design is king when it comes to first impressions. Let's look at some proven strategies to design and build

Do you want to learn how to become a successful web designer? Here are 6 secrets tips that will definitely help you become a pro designer.

6 Web Design Tips for an Outstanding Site

A good website design is very crucial for any business. The digital world is constantly increasing and evolving. This means there is much scope for development and growth in the market. In addition, customers and potential clients look at the website first to get a glimpse of any business or brand. That's why having a solid website with visuals and good-quality content is a must for better digital marketing. Several website design companies can help you. However, even before getting professional help, you should know the basics. 

This will help you determine your business needs and how you can achieve it through website design. Moreover, you will understand the website design process better and get involved in it more while getting ideas that can help you enhance its effectiveness. In this blog, we will read the facts that can help design a good website. 

Zero-clutter and minimalist approach 

The clutter-free layout of the website can do wonders for your business. A website works as a representation of your business for the customer online. They interact with your website before coming to your office or outlet first. This creates your first impression in their mind. That's why your website should be clean and easy to navigate. 

Decreasing clutter and keeping a minimalistic design will also help make it more easily scannable. When a visitor comes to the website, you get only 3.5 seconds to get their attention and keep it for longer so that they can explore your whole website. However, your chances of getting better leads also decrease if you cannot do that. That's why you also need to make your website easily scannable through human eyes and make it systematic. Again, this can happen by using minimalistic designs. 

Also, use an L or U shape for the layout to offer better scannable properties. Try to add heads and sub-heads to make it look more structured. Finally, don't forget to use keywords in your head to make your website more SEO friendly

Call to action 

A call to action or CTA is a phrase or sentence you add to your website content to inspire people to do something you want. CTA helps nudge the people on your website. Let's understand with an example. 

-We also offer a calling facility for providing more information. 

-Call us and get the latest news about our products now!

Read the two sentences mentioned earlier and observe which was more impactful. The answer probably will be the second one. You will be more likely to visit the website after reading the second sentence. Why? Because it offers a clear call to action, providing command and direction to do something. A lot of users find a call to action very effective. That's why always add it to your website content. 

Check the visual hierarchy 

As we mentioned before, you need to make the website scannable. Similarly, while planning the look of your website, check the visual hierarchy. It is one of the crucial factors of the principle of design. This helps in showcasing your content better. The hierarchy can be understood by segmentation.

 First is the size and weight of your assets. You should start by giving the benefits of your assets and highlighting them. The top part should include your business's logo, name, etc.,. This will help you in branding, as visitors will first see the large font and bold colors. 

The right side of the website layout should be used to keep the most helpful information. Most readers check the right side first for any information. So keep that in mind too. 

Balance the innovation 

Innovation and new ideas are known as the most credible factor for success. However, when designing your website, you need to balance it out. The balance between innovation and conventional structure should be maintained. This is because too many innovative designs or approaches can confuse customers. They will need more time to process them as they watch them for the first time. However, till then, your website would have lost the most crucial 3.5 seconds. 

Several graphic designers and website companies in Delhi use the 60/30/10 rule. This rule says you can go 60 with dominance and keep the 30 for new, while the remaining 10 is still undetermined. So whenever you are adding something new and unconventional, try to add something normal and basic. 

Get into customer psychology 

Psychology is the study that tells us about how the brain works. So here you need to understand how the brain of your customers work, and you can get them aboard with you. You don't need to go through any planning or training, but even listening is enough for it. The first step to start understanding the psychology of your customers is to talk to them. See how the customers responses in any given situation. This will be more likely to help you offer more personalized service. This is also beneficial for your business. You can make a strong presence for your website among the visitors by understanding what they really want. 

Sell and sell

Everything related to website desigining should focus on the product you plan to sell. So make sure to keep your content updated and relevant. You need to apply the same techniques discussed before regarding your product. 


Digital marketing has created several new opportunities for big and small businesses. However, we need to understand a few things to use it correctly. First, it includes website design as the most prioritized tool. It is the first thing that visitors will notice about you. So you need to make sure that the first impression goes well. Also, if you lack website designing skills, you can contact professionals. There are several  website designing companies in Delhi that can help you out in building a solid digital marketing game.

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