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Drone display company HighGreat is dedicated to researching Innovative applications for drones and exclusive design of drone equipment, welcome to contact us to discuss!

Drone display company HighGreat will take you to see the Innovative applications for drones and exclusive design of drone equipment to ensure you are full of interest.

Drone display company HighGreat, a world-leading supplier of indoor and outdoor drone formation systems, breaks four new Guinness World Records - the largest number of 5,164 drones flying simultaneously, the largest light image composed by 5,184 drones, the longest animation show performed by drones (26 minutes and 26 seconds), and the largest number of 88 varied consecutive formations by a single fleet. Drone display company HighGreat successfully finished this super challenge in a continuous two nights. And until now, these records remain unbroken.

"Guinness World Records is recognized as the global authority for recording and validating record-breaking achievements, which is open to challengers who seek to break any imaginable limit. Our drone display company HighGreat are proud of creating the four Guinness World Records with 5200 drones." said Li Chenliang, the General Manager of HighGreat, "As a new form of performance, drone formation integrates technology, art, and creativity, it is environmentally friendly, and with fast technology breakthrough and artistic innovation, we believe that drone display company HighGreat will bring more spectacular and amazing drone shows in the near future."

Drone display company

Exclusive design of drone equipment

With the strong and independent RD capacity, and a 13,000 square meters drone manufacturing base, HighGreat operates a complete drone production and manufacturing chain, from product design, mold manufacturing, product processing, to product assembly, and provides high quality, safety, reliable, portable, and easy-to-use drone products and services to the market and customers. Drone display company HighGreat has the annual output up to million drones, and owns the world's largest drone formation fleet of 60,000 drones.

Innovative applications for drones

While developing and producing drones, drone display company HighGreat has been actively exploring innovative applications of drones and has accomplished several remarkable achievements, including established the HighGreat Drone Formation in 2017, and created the first 3D drone formation show, the first cold fireworks drone formation show, China's first interactive 3D drone formation show, and China's first giant drone-enabled light paintings for creative marketing in 2018.

Based on the exclusively designed drone equipment and the high technology intelligent control system, HighGreat has become the most successful drone show company in the world. So far, more than 50 partners worldwide have purchased more than 50,000 sets of HighGreat formation drones, which have gone on to perform more than 5,000 sky shows in more than 300 cities around the globe, including the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the 2021 Independence Day celebrations in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, the 2020 Singapore New Year's Eve celebration, and Audi A8L's launch event. Nearly around 10 million people worldwide have watched the creative shows brought by HighGreat's innovative products.

About drone display company HighGreat

Drone display company HighGreat, with the concept of "technology, starting from happiness", is determined to provide consumers with high quality drones which are safe, reliable, portable, easy to use and extremely cost-effective with its advanced design ideas, brand positioning and strict quality control management.With a 13,000-square-metres professional drone manufacturing base, HighGreat Innovation has a complete drone manufacturing chain from product design, model manufacturing, processing to product assembly, providing consumers with safe, reliable, portable and easy-to-use high quality drone products and services. With an annual output capacity of one million units, it currently has the world's largest fleet of 60,000 drones in formation.

The above is the innovative applications for drones and the exclusive design of drone equipment introduced by HighGreat, a drone display company. If you are interested, please contact us!

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