Are you attracted to Fylo EDU?

Do you know what features of Fylo EDU, modes of Fylo EDU and advantages of FYLO EDU are? Let Fylo EDU manufacturer HighGreat introduce it to you.

There are many drones on the market today, but very few educational drones. Today the Fylo EDU manufacturer HighGreat introduces an educational drone to you---Fylo EDU,let's study together the features, modes and advantages of FYLO EDU.

Features of Fylo EDU

Fylo EDU adopts the new wireless positioning technology with two connection ways of WiFi mode and ground repeater, available for indoor and outdoor three-dimensional space. There is no need to apply for or set up specific aerial flight space.
Therefore, Fylo EDU is less dependent on the flight environment for the control of distance, speed, tilt angle, row direction, etc.
Fylo EDU by HighGreat are assured of their places in education.

Modes of Fylo EDU

There are two modes for our Fylo EDU. The Normal Mode is to program a single drone through a PC or combine the programs of multiple single drones for one formation flight; The Graphic Mode is to program multiple drones at the same time or directly use the existing programmed formation graphics to control the whole flight. The experiment of two modes has exercised children's spatial imagination and cultivated their logical thinking ability.
HighGreat Fylo EDU has been adopted by many schools and institutions, truly realizing its full application in steam education!

Advantages of FYLO EDU

Creativity is intelligence and having fun. HighGreat Drone not only provides high-performance drones but also contributes to the educational aspect to help kids and students from drone players to designers. FYLO EDU is an educational formation drone that can fly indoors and outdoors. The drone supports Scratch and Python programming for single drone or multiple drones formation. Our self-developed flying simulation software enables the simulation of programming results, reducing the difficulty of programming and the risk of flight. FYLO EDU will be a good demonstration for schools and institutions to present the STEAM education strategy.

We know that drones attract the interest of everyone, especially when it comes to drone light shows. At HighGreat Drone we understood this, and we decided to make a drone available for all: beginners and experts.

FYLO EDU is a flight formation educational drone that supports easy and interactive software to set up different actions and prepare different shows. For example, FYLO EDU can better expand children's horizons and exercise their imagination. Try getting kids to switch from player to designer from here, with FYLO EDU.

The above are the features of Fylo EDU, modes of Fylo EDU and advantages of FYLO EDU that Fylo EDU manufacturer HighGreat introduced to you. If you are interested, please contact us.

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