What’s the Difference between Inverter Pool Heat Pump and On/Off Pool Heat Pump?

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Inverter Pool Heat Pump or On/Off Pool Heat Pump

What’s the Difference between Inverter Pool Heat Pump and On/Off Pool Heat Pump?

When you read an article on the introduction of swimming pool heat pumps on the Internet, we can understand that we actually have two main types of swimming pool heater today: inverter swimming pool heat pump and on/off pool heat pumps.

As we all know, the first On/Off heat pump  manufacturer was created about 60 years ago, and the later inverter heat pump came out only ten years ago! Have you tried these two types? Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the two type? Well, let's see. We can find the answer in this article. On/off heat pump and variable frequency heat pump are swimming pool heat pumps?

For these two categories, the operating principle is similar: get heat (energy) from the air, transfer it to hot water and deliver it to the swimming pool. The main components involved in these heat transfers in swimming pool heater are as follows: Evaporator Bay compressor Heat exchanger Among these important components, the compressor is the biggest difference between On/Off pool heat pumps and inverter heat pumps.

It can be said that INVERTER refers to an operation mode of a special compressor, which is very similar to the concept of frequency conversion technology in air conditioners. When the measured temperature difference between the set temperature and the current water temperature increases, the control system designed by the pool heat pump manufacturer starts to respond and accelerates the compressor speed to perfectly adapt to the heating state of it. As a result, an inverter heat pump allows the compressor to perform speed changes with high efficiency, while the on/off hp maintains 100% heating capacity at all times during operation - meaning the inverter hp recovers almost 4 to 6 times as much energy as it does consume! Here is the difference in the performance of a machine (measured by its COP: Coefficient of Performance), between on/off , inverter , and full inverter: heat pump companies Pool Heat Pump Alsavo heat pump companiesl

inverter technology provides the best performance for pool heat pump. The unique full inverter control system can adjust the operation of the compressor and fan to the nearest percentage (the compressor runs in Hertz, and the fan runs in Hertz per wheel) , And inverters control system have some intensity levels (usually 2 to 5 levels), because only the compressor can change the speed, and the fan has only a constant speed (on or off mode). Therefore, the performance of the full inverter heater is better than the inverter heat pump because it has a higher COP, stability and higher energy efficiency.

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