Best Weapons to Use in OSRS And Runescape 3

Melee weapons are more commonly used than other weapons since they don't require ammunition to use, unlike Magic or Ranged weapons. The majority of the basic weapons are available with eight types of metal, while higher tiered weapons can be constructed using boss or monster drops.

Melee weapons fit into many general categories. Each type of weapon is not superior to one another, since they vary in attack style, and speed/damage. As a rule, all weapons belonging to the same grade (eg Steel) are the same in damage-per-second ratio as two-handed weapons, which deal the damage combined of an unarmed weapon and its off-hand of the same level.


In addition to weapons Players also can access armor. Everybody has access to four slots to use to build armor, which includes the chest, head the legs, head, and feet slots. There are numerous options for each slot, so gamers have plenty of options when it comes to filling up their armor slots.


Power Armor

Power armor offers less defense bonus but allows players to inflict considerably more damage as a result of its offensive bonuses. It is highly recommended for training and most bossing due to the value of DPS over other stats in Runescape. Examples of this include Pernix Armor and masterwork.


Tanking Armor

This kind of armor is not as prevalent in Runescape due to the absence of offensive bonuses. It does however have several uses, particularly in situations where the player must survive for lengthy periods. Tank roles in raids will additionally use tanking armor because their job relies on them to deal a significant amount of injuries. Examples of this include the standard metallic armors like Rune or Dragon.


Cosmetic Armor

The cosmetic armor does not contribute for combat or experience gains. It's used by players to look nice while participating in things that do not require gear, or for occasional roleplaying. Examples of clothing that are fashionable include party hats and Saradomin costume.


Skilling Items

Each noncombat skill makes use of items to aid in the training process. The most common are used to aid in resource gathering However, artisans also use items for training.



Tools are items that allow you to improve your skill of gathering resources. Examples of these include pickaxes, hatchets, as well as fishing nets. Every tool has several levels which are generally based on mineral resources mined, with the exception of fishing.


Toolbelt Items

After an update, a variety of helpful items for enhancing skills can be placed in a player's belt. Inconvenient items many players would forget about could now simply be permanently in a second inventory. Examples of things that should be in the tool belt include tools like rakes and tinderboxes as well as shovels. You can also use the tools for gathering resources by incorporating them into the toolbelt.



Some items for skill development are consumable items too. Consumable items are items that are gone after being utilized. Agriculture has various levels of compost used to help train the skill and increase the rate of survival of crops. Mining utilizes stone spirits to create more ores in less time while mining. Consumables are all over Runescape, and the skilling item category is no exception.


Quest Items

Quest items are objects that are used for the purpose of completing quests for quests in Runescape 3. Every quest item is unique and is able to be used in just one quest or for an entire series of quests. Certain items can be utilized in quests of different types of series, for example, the rings of charos.


Each quest has a unique significance for the objects within it. In some cases, the item can be beneficial for the participant following the quest, for instance Silverlight and other instances, the item has no functional purpose afterward.



Consumables consist of any item that the player can use which leads to the item becoming extinct. Examples of consumables are foods, potions and ammunition.


Food is used to heal in Runescape. It comes in a wide variety of different items and is comprised of pizzas and pies, as well as all kinds of fish. Fighting without food for an extended duration is almost impossible due to the player taking damage.


Potions are created using herbslore skills. They can provide many benefits and applications, specifically to your combat skills. When you use a potion to boost an ability to combat will boost that skill in a specific amount, based on the tier that the drink. Potions can also restore your Prayer and summoning abilities in order to prolong the duration you are able to use these skills in combat.


Ammunition comprises of the items used within Ranged and Magic combat. In Magic players use runes in fight, since each spell has a rune requirement. When a spell is cast, the runes are removed from your inventory. The use of a staff that is rune-related will grant an unlimited amount of that rune and save ammunition. Ranged ammunition includes various items such as knives or arrows and bolts. Each kind of ammunition comes with specific costs and advantages such as bolts and arrows being the most common ammunition.


Ultrarare Items

Ultrarare items are items that are no longer obtained in Runescape. They are usually among the highest priced items available in Runescape and serve no practical usage. Items like these usually cannot be purchased from the Grand Exchange due to their massive value which is higher than the amount of cash that can be accumulated.



The item that every play thinks of when they consider "unobtainable" or "ultrarare" is the party hat. They were released during the 2001 Christmas festival and were accessible from Christmas Crackers, mentioned below. Party hats have never been released again thus the quantity has never grown, it has been steadily declining. Since 2001, when players quit the game or are banned over time, some costumes are taken off the game. Partyhats are among the safest investments in the game and are the best way for the super-rich to flex their money.


Christmas Cracker

In the context of Partyhats, Christmas Crackers have an amazing worth. They are even rarer than Partyhats due to how many were opened during the initial occasion. Christmas Crackers have a current value of 53 billion gold.


Santa Hats

Another option to help people stretch their wealth is to buy Santa caps are yet another discontinued Christmas present. They became popular on Christmas in 2002, and the increase in supply has kept the value significantly lower than Party caps that were worn the year prior. A Santa hat can easily go for 3.2 billion dollars in gold.


Is There any cosmetic items included in Runescape 3?

Solution: Runescape 3 is full of accessories for your wardrobe! From the rare partyhats to the various robes that symbolize your God of choice, there is definitely an outfit you will appreciate. There's a whole community of people who are called Fashionscapers who are fond of creating fashion-forward outfits using cosmetic items.



Runescape 3 items are an integral element of the game. From different weapons to rarest and most sought-after items that few have, the variety of use of these items make Runescape the popular game it is currently.

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