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The unexpected lockdown has put both the students and the system to the test. Online learning is a lifeline in these trying times, and by opting to learn from the most qualified teachers at the lowest possible cost, students can make the most of the time they have at their disposal.

Have you ever considered how the educational system would function under this shutdown without e-learning?


The unexpected lockdown has put both the students and the system to the test. Online learning is a lifeline in these trying times, and by opting to learn from the most qualified teachers at the lowest possible cost, students can make the most of the time they have at their disposal.


The Covid-19 epidemic has caused unexpected changes in the educational environment. New developments in educational trends occur in order to survive and respond to the crisis. While certain worldwide trends continue to be relevant, others are new or emerging trends. So, based on trustworthy sources, today's post will give you an overview of the most common educational trends from 2022 to 2025. Both teachers and students gain from understanding them. Since they are able to design learning environments that are conducive to effectively transferring and absorbing skills and information.


According to a Technavio study, India's e-Learning market will grow at a CAGR of 20% this year, totalling 18 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, according to a KPMG report, the e-Learning industry will grow at six times the current rate by 2021. This will result in over 9.5 million students relying on virtual classrooms and online live classes. While only 1.6 million students enrolled in such courses in 2016, the number will grow by leaps and bounds in the future. Furthermore, such widespread adoption of such technologies will generate revenue of up to $1.96 billion.


These days, there are hundreds of instructional applications accessible. Some applications cover broad themes that may be used as study aids, while others can help you hone your particular talents.


All of these projections demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that top e-Learning codeigniter development company india like QuickwayInfosystems will lead the charge in this transformation of the education sector.


Mobile Apps That Can Assist You in Learning and Improving Your Skills

There are several applications available to meet your educational needs. There are several learning mobile applications available on the market, ranging from fundamental information to highly specialist talents.


Here are some of the greatest mobile apps to consider if you want to improve your skills:


1.       Udemy

Udemy is one of the most well-known online learning platforms. A python web development company offers a diverse range of courses, including personal development, online services, and business training. It is also an excellent choice for novices due to the variety of alternatives available.


With the Udemy mobile app, you can easily access all of your courses and learning resources. Even if you're on the road, Udemy allows you to keep learning. However, while the Udemy app is free to download, courses do have costs if you choose to join.

2.      TED

Another top learning app on the list, TED, is an app that is ideal for adults and covers a wide range of topics.


They are also known for selecting individuals to give intelligent talks known as 'TED Talks' based on their interests and expertise.


This smartphone app has already accumulated millions of videos that may be used as a source for any given topic or to broaden your knowledge.

3.      Skillshare

Skillshare is a learning platform that can help you advance in your career.


Skillshare offers creative art courses as well as business development advice.


It provides a diverse range of topics to choose from, including art, creative writing, photography, film, lifestyle, and many others.


4.      Lynda (now Linkedin Learning)


Lynda, like Skillshare and Udemy, offers a diverse range of courses. The benefit of Lynda is that you can learn any classes you choose at your own speed. It can allow you the freedom to use your abilities whenever and whenever it is convenient for you.


However, unlike Udemy, Lynda's extensive collection of courses is available on a monthly subscription basis. This permits you to take as many lessons as you desire each month. If you are unsure whether you want to commit to a monthly subscription, you can take Lynda for a no-risk, ten-day test drive for free.

Chegg + StudyBlue

StudyBlue was developed in order to make learning more comfortable for pupils. Materials can be chosen by school, college, or nation.


It is one of the top free mobile apps for making study and learning simpler. They may use their smartphone to join up and make flashcards, utilise digital learning resources, and study from anywhere.


StudyBlue is the reliable Android learning app you should use for late-night studying, especially if you're a student who is anxious about the next big test or quiz.


5.      Khan Academy

Khan Academy, like other online education platforms, provides a diverse range of courses and classes to users. It now has over 10,000 educational videos, tutorials, and other pieces of information. Everything is also entirely free.


The Khan Academy collaborates with more formal schooling such as mathematics, economics, history, astronomy, and more, where you may attend grade-specific preparatory lessons. They even offer an app with many of the same components, especially for youngsters.


6.      Duolingo

If you're interested in learning about other languages from across the world, this smartphone app is for you.


Duolingo is a language study programme that can help you get started. These applications are simple to use and allow you to study at your own speed. They are suitable for both beginners and expert speakers of any language.


Duolingo makes learning simple by utilising images and words spoken by the majority of native speakers.


7.      Goodreads

Goodreads has around 30 million members on the platform. To top it all off, there are over a billion books available on the forum, which can be downloaded for Android or iOS devices.


It is regarded as the world's largest mobile app for books and other reading materials, with the ability to search for books by title, author, or ISBN. It can also allow users to provide book reviews, which can assist other readers decide what to read next.

8.      Photomath

Photomath is a popular learning mobile app for children that can assist with math learning.


This free programme provides arithmetic, calculus, and other math problems with animated tutorials while also enhancing your mathematical thinking. There are sections for parents and instructors that provide content tailored to their individual requirements.


You may use this app in conjunction with your smartphone's camera to help you answer arithmetic problems.




9.      Google Arts Culture

Google Arts Culture is a Google-powered smartphone app. It is a programme that allows you to take 360-degree virtual tours of some of the world's most famous museums and historical sites. You can even zoom in on some of the virtual locations to check on specifics.


You may learn about the lives, works, and histories of world-renowned painters. You can also store your favourite galleries to return to at any time.


There is always space to improve your abilities and knowledge with the hundreds of educational applications available on the IT market today.


While some learning applications appear to be superior to others, the most have the same purpose in mind: to help you refine your abilities and gather information you did not previously have.


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